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A Boy Named Charlie Brown – w/ Allie Goertz

Episode Summary

A boy enters a spelling. Also, a dog drinks three glasses of water.

Episode Notes

This episode we tackle 1969's A BOY NAMED CHARLIE BROWN, Charlie Brown & the Peanuts gang's first animated feature, in which Charlie Brown is humiliated on a big screen several times over. Special guest Allie Goertz brings with her a wealth of knowledge of sad cartoon characters, to help us round out the 1960s season of The Peanuts Gallery.

A Boy Named Charlie Brown is available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube.

Topics of discussion include:

Our guest Allie Goertz is a musician and comedian, who specializes in sweet & sad songs about TV shows. Her latest release is a concept album about Rick & Morty called Sad Dance Songs.

As mentioned in this episode, here is Sarah Shay's recipe for the #DogRoy: Vodka, St. Germaine, root beer, lemon, on ice served in a glass mug.

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