The Peanuts Gallery

It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (LIVE on JoCo Cruise) – w/ Hal Lublin

Episode Summary

Children ride escalators, and a girl doesn't know how eggs work. Also, a bird has a swingin' bachelor pad.

Episode Notes

Our guest is Hal Lublin, a voice actor, improviser, and podcaster. He is host of We Got This With Mark & Hal, Tights & Fights, and Surprisingly Nice, and has guest-starred on so many podcasts the "Hal Lublin Number" is the podcast equivalent of a "Kevin Bacon Number"*.

*Note: We just made that up, but really want it to become A Thing.

Topics of discussion include:

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End music = Linus And Lucy (「スヌーピー(Peanuts)」より) by Kazumi Tateishi Trio

Audio blandishment by Ken Plume.

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