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He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown – w/ Kayla Cagan

Episode Summary

A dog is an asshole. Children demand his owner send him away. Then they demand to bring him back. Nobody learns anything. Also, some dishes get broken.

Episode Notes

Special guest Kayla Cagan joins us as we review 1968's He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown, in which Snoopy is an irredeemable sociopath with little to no consequences.

Don't believe us? See for yourself!

Topics of discussion include:

This week's guest Kayla Cagan is on Twitter as @KaylaCagan.
Kayla can currently be found running social media for the LA Festival Of Books (April 9-10), at @LATimesFOB and #Bookfest. Her novel Piper Parish will be available from Chronicle Books in the spring of 2017.

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He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown is available for your home viewing on DVD, iTunes, and YouTube.

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