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It's A Mystery, Charlie Brown (UNABRIDGED) – w/ Kathleen DeVere

Episode Summary

A bird and a dog try to find a stolen nest. Also, a dirty child is lonely.

Episode Notes

Fasten your pants belts for a marathon of minutiae with armchair Peanuts scholar Kathleen DeVere.
This episode is so CHOCK FULL of Peanuts trivia that we also have an abridged episode for folks who insist that we stay on the topic of It's A Mystery, Charlie Brown.

Our guest this week is Kathleen DeVere. She can be found on Twitter as @Kathleen_LRR, and she can be found on Twitch and YouTube with LoadingReadyRun. Please enjoy this sketch that she & Molly are in together, and tell them PigPen sent you!

Topics of discussion include:

If you've ever wondered if the Peanuts' oft-used catchphrase "AUGH" is ever uttered in real life, a little past the midpoint of this episode we all find out.

Audio blandishment by Ken Plume.
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