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There's No Time For Love, Charlie Brown – w/ Amy Spalding & Kayla Cagan

Episode Summary

Children are bad at school, interpersonal relationships, art appreciation, and personal pronouns. Also, a dog gets his foot stuck in a shopping cart.

Episode Notes

YA authors Kayla Cagan & Amy Spalding (& Banjo L. Cagan, silently) join us for a spirited roundtable about 1973's There's No Time For Love, Charlie Brown — a salty indictment of pop art, in which we learn about the disappointments of the public school system, as well as the theory of transitive kissing.

Topics of discussion include:

Kayla Cagan is a writer. Piper Perish is her debut YA novel, with a 2nd novel on the way from Chronicle Books in 2018. She has contributed comics, plays and essays to assorted collections, including Girl Crush Zine, Womanthology, and Unite and Take Over: Stories Inspired by the Smiths. Cagan lives with her husband Josh and their chihuahua Banjo near that Starbucks. No, the other one.

Amy Spalding is the author of several young adult novels including Kissing Ted Callahan (& Other Guys), The Reece Malcolm List, and the forthcoming Summer of Jordi Perez. She grew up in St. Louis, but now lives in the better weather of Los Angeles. By day, she manages the digital media team for an indie film advertising agency. By later day and night, Amy writes, performs, and pets as many cats as she can.

Banjo L. Cagan is six feet, four inches tall, and looks as if he was chiseled from solid marble by the hand of a god. A single look from him has been known to make grown men weep, as if they were staring into the center of infinity itself. Time and light bend around him, and as previously stated, he is tall and handsome.

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Audio blandishment by Ken Plume.

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