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It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown – w/ Nicole Dieker

Episode Summary

Children go to summer camp. The boys are terrible at everything, and the girls are great at everything. Also, a dog pretends to drive a bus.

Episode Notes

We wrist-wrestle with 1969's IT WAS A SHORT SUMMER, CHARLIE BROWN, in which the boys take on the girls in a summertime battle of the sexes, and get their dumb, uncoordinated butts handed to them for the better part of a half-hour. Special guest Nicole Dieker joins us in an episode recorded in the middle of the damn ocean during this year's JoCo Cruise.

Pour yourself a tall glass of Electrolyte Solution and watch it on DailyMotion.

Topics of discussion include:

Our guest Nicole Dieker is a freelance writer and a senior editor at The Billfold. She can be found at @hellothefuture or

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Audio blandishment by Ken Plume.