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Snoopy Come Home – CIPYD crossover! w/ Renée Colvert & Allegra Ringo

Episode Summary

A dog goes away, and comes back, and goes away, and comes back. Also, he punches two children in the face.

Episode Notes

Renée Colvert & Allegra Ringo (hosts of Can I Pet Your Dog?) join us for a slog through 1972's Snoopy Come Home, an ardously strained metaphor for divorce that tanked at the box office & traumatized thousands of children in the home video market.

Talking points:

Blandishment by Ken Plume.
Podcast art by Lar DeSouza.

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Allegra Ringo is a writer, podcast person, and dog psycho. She has written articles for Vice, The Atlantic, The Hairpin, Reductress, and a trillion other sites, and writes live comedy at UCB Theatre. She eats a lot of popcorn and pets a lot of dogs. |

Renée Colvert is a creator, comedy, podcast person. She's created projects for Disney, American Girl, and Yahoo! and has performed at The Comedy Store, The Improv, and Ice House. Renee can run faster scared than you can mad. |

CAN I PET YOUR DOG debuted in July 2015 on the Maximum Fun network. Past guests include Lin-Manuel Miranda, Janeane Garofalo, and Karen Kilgariff.