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A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – w/ Joseph Scrimshaw

Episode Summary

An awful child invites herself over to her weak-willed friends' house, and is upset that she is force-fed starch. Also, a dog and a chair fight to the death.

Episode Notes

Today we turn our lens of lumpy scrutiny to 1973's A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, the tenth Peanuts animated special and the third ever holiday special. Joseph Scrimshaw joins us as we talk about the importance (or lack thereof) of holiday traditions, and how maybe Snoopy's doghouse isn't a TARDIS but in fact a Portal.

Topics of discussion include:

Our guest Joseph Scrimshaw (host of Obsessed with Joseph Scrimshaw) is all about bold thesis statements. Find more of him at, follow him on Twitter as @JosephScrimshaw, and check out his show "Headcanon" on!

Thanksgiving vs. Christmas (with Extra Gravy) is available for digital download wherever fine Thanksgiving vs. Christmases are sold.

Audio blandishment by Ken Plume.

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